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    2014 Honda CR250R 2-stroke wish list

    If Honda brings back the CR250 2 stroke, I would just have to buy it and perhaps I am thinking if we talk about it enough, it just might happen. In reality, the thing that might cause Honda to rethink its 2 stroke MXers is the very thing that caused them to stop making them.. their pride with the thought that they lead the industry. Traditionally, Honda felt that Yamaha was its biggest competitor/ innovator. In fact it was Yamaha that came out with the 4-stroke Mxer first and the only Japanese manufacturer to hold on to the 2-stroke. They probably also see the tremendous success that KTM is having by giving the individual market segements exactly what it wants as opposed to the Honda way of telling the public what they want/ what it wants to make. KTM technology has made tremendous strides over recent years and really it challenging or surpassing the Japanese. They already have production 2 stroke motorcrossers that are making more power than the Japanese counterparts ever did. They are also starting to win a lot of the pro races. This must be making them nervous.. as KTM is taking market share because they are giving the customers exactly what they want. The 4 strokes have come a long way, but their expense to buy and maintain, heavier (also causing more likliehood of injury), as well as a diminishing of the fun factor in spite of their competiveness, is killing their blue-collar customer base. This sentiment has been expressed over and over by all levels of rider ability. In the hope that my post will give Honda one more kick in the pants, here is my wish list for an all new CR250 2-stroke.

    1. Go back to the 2000-2001 piston port design that everyone loved or suck up your pride and flat out copy KTM's case reed design with about 50 horsepower. Make the power band broad that builds on power agressively, but smoothly as you roll open the throttle to appeal to a wide range of riders and easy to ride for anly level of ability like the old 200-2001 piston port engine did.
    2. Honda would have to think long and hard about the target market, simplicity, and cost, but there might be a trade off of the newer technology and what the market really wants and values. Fuel injection and a hydraulic clutch and perhaps a programmable ignition would have to be carefully considered.
    3. The KTM 250SX is already at 213lbs (advertised dry weight)! The new CR250 should be 215lbs or lighter. A 210lb CR250 would make me giggle like a school girl I would prefer R&D money/ manufacturing cost be spent on a lighter bike over fancy electronics in the theme of keeping things simple for the back yard mechanic.
    4. The 2000-2001 CR's and the 2009-2012 CRF's had some of the best looking plastic. I am not to keen about the Husky-like plastic on the 2013 CRF450. Let's keep the plastic simple for a good looking bike instead of the sharp, pointed angles that make some of the recent bikes look cartoonish. I like the way Kawasaki keeps it's plastic simple and always has a good looking bike that appeals to everyone.
    5. A sticker price of $5,900 would help keep the sport/ past time main stream and within reach of the weekend warrior, but I realize KTM has already set a precedent, so a slightly more competitive (than KTM's $7k) price of $6,900 would be more realistic and still sell a lot of bikes.

    For those also hoping for a new CR250 2-stroke, anything you would like to add to the wish list?

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    Welcome to Motonews Mike! Excellent post....well thought out...well written. Hope we see more of you around here.

    I would be as happy as anyone to see a brand spanking new CR250 Honda with all the bells and whistles but first I will say there is no way Honda is going to release a two stroke. I have a couple of good friends that have worked for Honda for decades and they'be both commented a two stroke does in conflict with Honda's green agenda/product line.

    I wonder if Honda still has all the dies, jigs and mold collected dust for the 2007 CR250?
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    KTM is walking away with it. With the RedBull KTM effort, in a few years time they will have the frame and suspension dialed for their 2 strokes. Like you said, they already have huge HP.

    Keeping the bike cheap is the biggest thing Honda should do IMO.

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    Rock, urban legend or true that Honda has expired patents -thus the Chinese knock off 70's Honda bikes?

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    Honda did have a prototype with the newer generation frame and the 2001 piston port engine, but they went with the case reed with the electronic exhaust valve that felt more like a 125 on steriods and it was all downhill after that. Honda might have given up on the 2 stroke because they could not get their new motor to run decent after that;

    At the same time the CRF450 prototype debuted in Japan. My son walked in front of Tortelli as he rode back to the pits and he stalled the bike. He kicked and kicked and it backfired a few times, and the hot 4-stroke motor just wouldn't start again. He wasn't pleased at all, but ever the gentleman he contained himself from any cursing. It was many years before the manufacturers got the starting worked out but still nothing like a 2 stroke.

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    I am with you on the simplicity/cost/weight thoughts. I agree with the plastic shapes. What little I know of the whole thing, I can't see Honda even caring if they sell dirtbikes, let alone a 2-stroke. Compared to the money spent on 4 wheelers, street bikes, Goldwings, etc., I can't help but wonder if the dirt line is anything more than a minor aggravation. Of course to those of us that live and die dirt bikes, that minor "aggravation" is everything.

    I'd love a well thought out sub-200 pound 150 2-stroke and a 210-pound 250. How fun would that be? 8- )))

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    nice wishon a 2014 cr 250r but not gunna happen so why not buy a 2001 cr 250 for $1000-2500 and build it the way u want it? i did it for a total cost of around $4000 ITS SUPER FAST AND NICE BIKE TOO!

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    Since there is no way in hell Honda will bring them back, what about the other manufacturers? Will Yamaha ever do a major upgrade the their 2stroke line? The one thing I would like to see on 2strokes is fuel injection.

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    Bring back the two stroke!!!!! I would sell one of my kidney's for a 125!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lessmo-bile View Post
    KTM is walking away with it. With the RedBull KTM effort, in a few years time they will have the frame and suspension dialed for their 2 strokes. Like you said, they already have huge HP.

    Keeping the bike cheap is the biggest thing Honda should do IMO.
    I would say follow the leader... Do what KTM is doing! I would add direct injection or throttle body injection and offer a 300cc kit or bike. Honda would have success but i too agree they will never do it.
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